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In addition to legal representation, Mr. Wise provides other services:

The MISSOURI LANDLORD-TENANT GUIDE for 2003 contains over 380 pages of educational material on landlord-tenant law, evictions, Fair Housing, court procedure, mold, lead based paint, methamphetamine problems, trespass, American With Disabilities Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, rules for satellite dishes, and various other topics of interest to Missouri property owners. This book has been purchased by property owners and lawyers across Missouri. Price: $39.49 (or $35.00 if you pay in advance when you order). Mr. Wise also has prepared a MISSOURI LEASE which is recommended for any rental property owner in Missouri. The lease, along with various addenda pertaining to co-signers, lead paint, pets, satellite dishes, utilites, smoke detectors, disability modification, etc., is available on CD-ROM for only $200.00. Mr. Wise is also available for PUBLIC SPEAKING and classes on subjects related to landlord-tenant law and housing.

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